Monday, October 25, 2010

Meet the Frenchman

I finished the Peugeot project last week, and have been learning its ways the last few days. The down tube shifters are new to me, and it has been a while since I rode anything with more than three speeds, but I've been surprised how quickly I adjusted. The bike is quick, responsive, and comfortable, and I didn't even have my usual spate of first-ride problems.

All of my riding so far has been around town, so I haven't had a chance to really open it up yet, or test it on any serious climbs. My first impressions, however, are entirely favorable. I'm beginning to realize just how heavy and clunky my old three speeds really are. Of course, I still love them, though. In fact, I picked up a pizza last night on my trusty old grocery bike and it was kind of comforting to get off the thoroughbred-like Peugeot and back onto my old work horse.

The Frenchman is going to be a regular fixture on this blog now, since I think he's quite a looker and I'll probably end up taking a lot of San Diego photos with him lurking somewhere in the shot.