Friday, February 5, 2010

Truss-Bridge Bicycle Frames

I wouldn't say that I'm a covetous person. I have relatively few material things that I really want. I have a whole theory about how appreciation for material things is healthy, but over-indulgence in anything creates imbalance and unhappiness. Getting too wrapped-up in want and have for their own sake is bad, but if you truly appreciate a thing, and derive real benefit from it every day (use, aesthetics, enjoyment, etc.) I don't see any reason to deny yourself that benefit simply for the sake of believing that a person should live without material pleasures.

Anyhoo. One thing I really want (in a slow-burning, maybe-someday sort of way) is a truss-bridge bicycle. Something about the aesthetics of these frames pushes hard on a little part of my brain's happy center. The most famous American manufacturer of these bicycles was Iver Johnson, which is best known for producing firearms:

The French company Labor also produced a truss-bridge frame:

The modern company A.N.T. (Alternative Needs Transportation) makes a truss-bridge frame that isn't quite as sexy as the old ones (to my eye, at least), but I wouldn't kick it out of the garage, either:

Iver Johnson