Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's Palm Nut Season (Watch Out!)

Actually, it has been palm nut season for a while, but now they're starting to lose their distinctive "safety orange" color, and there's a lot more of them. If you don't live in Southern California (or anywhere else there are palm nuts), let me explain why these things suck: they are a hard little nut wrapped in a slippery, slimy hull. While this can be entertaining as one's bike tire glances off them at just the right angle and whips them into car door panels, in places where they are thick, it's a little like trying to ride through a field of ball bearings covered in Vaseline. Now that they are decomposing a bit, they start to look like innocuous road debris or even just dirt, and it can be a nasty shock to find yourself skittering and sliding all over the road when you hit a patch of them. If there was ever a reason for the City of San Diego to employ street sweepers, I'd say this is it, but as you can see, this street has gone unswept.