Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Phillips Loop Frame Before Paint

Headset and bottom bracket bearing cups and head badge will be popped off before sandblasting and painting.
I'm finally getting around to working on this project. It's a Phillips loop-frame roadster, probably from the early 1950s. When I bought it two years ago, it was missing the proper wheels, about half of the rear rod brake mechanism, and had a plastic saddle on it. Everything else, including the cool Phillips-branded pedals, chain guard, lamp bracket with a "P" cutout, and Phillips-branded one-piece handlebar/stem, seems to be original. Obviously in bad need of paint work, I'm having this one sandblasted and powder coated in classic black. Some loaner 26" wheels and fenders from another bike will suffice until I can find a cheap Flying Pigeon to salvage for 28" Westwood wheels and rod brake parts. It will have to be a single-speed for a while, but the long term plan is a three-speed. The goal for this one will be a city/errand bike that both my wife and I can ride.
This is how it looked the day after I brought it home.