Friday, September 10, 2010

Dr. Thom's Gingerizing Tonic

Here's something to lighten the Friday mood after the last two posts about automobile deaths (sorry about that).

One of the by-products of making candied ginger is an extremely strong ginger tea that results from two rounds of boiling slices of fresh ginger root. I will occasionally attempt to drink this tea, but can only make it through a cup before steam starts shooting from my ears, so I usually end up just pouring it out. 

Recently my wife (I suspect indulging her husband's strange obsession with ginger and trying to figure out if something useful could be done with it) discovered that people swear by ginger as an acne cure. Since the potent stuff that results from the boiling process is just ginger-infused water, we decided to try using it as an after-wash facial rinse.

I found an old bottle to pour it into, and it looked so much like nineteenth-century snake oil that I had to make a suitable label for it. This is the result.