Friday, July 16, 2010

Vacation Photos: PDX

So I wasn't so good with the blogging while on vacation, which didn't bother me one bit. Surprisingly, the Interwebs didn't implode without me checking them every day, and I also didn't go into a trembling, weeping fit just because I couldn't waste half my day fiddling around on the computer.

So anyway, I'm going to parse out my vacation photos over a few posts. First up, our 24-ish hours in Portland, including a really kick-ass wedding, reconnecting with good friends, and drooling over the bikey goodness that is PDX these days.

Yup, on-street bike parking. Sigh.
Just for you.
Is that a porteur rack I spy? And inverse levers? A bike after my own heart.
Oh Portland, I like you.
Bike box! They really do exist.
Wedding site, Cathedral Park, under the St. Johns Bridge
Black/white makes terrible photos look artsy.
The groom spent part of the morning after his wedding showing us his chickens.
Good haul.
A very early Columbia; note foot rests on the fork.
Tiny little rod-brake tricycle.
The Michelin Man of your worst nightmares.