Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Encontro Nacional Bicicletas Antigas (Portugal)

My stewardship over the Old Bike Blog put me on the radar of the Portuguese organization "Men in Bike" who put on an annual event called the "National Meeting of Old Bikes." Someday, I would really like to go to this event. They also design a nice poster.
The group "men in bike” was created in 2000 in the town of Burinhosa, in the neighborhood Pataias, in the district of Leiria / Portugal. It was a group of friends that over the years started to organize events related to the two wheels. After a study, the group discovered that one of the first and most important means of transportation of the human being was going into oblivion, especially in Portugal. Because of this lack of valorization, the group decided to organize a meeting of Old Bikes, a novelty in this field in Portugal.

Also, see photos from last year's meeting.