Monday, June 14, 2010


I've never been one of those here's-everything-I-do-every-day kind of bloggers. I suspect that most readers are grateful for this without realizing it. An average entry would be something like this:

"Didn't sleep well last night. Having a hard time getting going on work this morning. Got a few hours of writing done, though. Worried about the deadline. Made some pizza crusts to freeze for later in the week this afternoon. Did a little more work before bed."

Wow. That's pretty thrilling, huh? But there are other things that are slightly more exciting, or even just things that I come across on the Interwebs that are worth sharing, but out of sheer laziness, I don't post them here. I'm going to start trying to do it more often, though, so look out world, I've got some bloggerin' to do.