Sunday, May 30, 2010

New-To-Me: 1980/81 Peugeot PBN-10

Busy time around here, but I invested in some "bike therapy" last weekend to give my hands something to do when my brain is done working for the day. Been planning a project around a bike like this for a long time: something I can take on longer rides or even light weekend tours, but can also be comfortable for riding around town and can use for errands. This is the starting point, changes will slowly come. The basics: 60cm steel frame ("Peugeot 103 Special"), 700c Mavic alloy rims, 12-speed, Simplex shifters, Weinmann side-pull caliper brakes. Bars and brake levers will be the first changes, then saddle, then additions like fenders and racks, but again most of that is very long-term. I have a lot to learn about bikes with more than three speeds and these new-fangled cotterless cranks in the mean time.