Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Here's the Thing

I have been blogging in different formats for a little while now. Primarily, I have been a "bike blogger"; that is, I have been a part of the massive online presence of the global bicycling community. My primary endeavor has been the Old Bike Blog, supplemented by The World Awheel. I also blog about my (almost) daily experiences on a bicycle in San Diego, California at Life with Bicycle.

Recently, I have become dissatisfied blogging only about bicycles, and have wanted a more integrated venue for expressing the range of interests that engage me on a daily basis. To that end, I have opened this space, entitled "Do Right and Fear Not: A Personal Weblog."

The title phrase was popular among the Victorians, especially as a needlework design. An example of the genre can be found aboard the Star of India, part of the Maritime Museum of San Diego. While the phrase may have religious connotations for some, I take the advice in a broader sense to suggest an optimistic, morally-centered, and humane course of daily action; and while I personally strive to meet both halves of the admonition, I also believe it is a useful sentiment for the times in which we live, and one we might all do well to heed.